LED Pendant Lamp ‘Butterfly’ – Triple

LED Pendant Lamp ‘Butterfly’ – Triple

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CREATIVECOTTON Triple LED Pendant Lamp with Three Handcrafted Balls ‘Butterfly’

A real eye-catcher for any room!

Enjoy a pleasant, eye-friendly light created by three powerful LED bulbs, providing a fantastic way to illuminate your spaces brightly. The balls are handcrafted, made purely from natural glue and cotton fibers. Through the craftsmanship, each lamp has its own special touch, creating a cozy atmosphere.

A child’s room becomes cheerful and exciting with the colorful pendant lamp, as its vibrant texture creates a special play of light in the room that captivates children’s eyes. At the same time, the light from three LED bulbs is bright enough to illuminate the room at night.

The three cables are individually adjustable, allowing you to position the light perfectly and create beautiful lighting effects. With the screw on the canopy, you can shorten or lengthen each cable. This way, with a lamp height ranging from 50 cm to 160 cm, the light can be perfectly tailored to any room height.

The included LED bulbs of the E27 category ensure energy-efficient and durable lighting (3.4 watts – equivalent to the old 40W). If needed, you can replace the LED bulbs with stronger or weaker versions, depending on how much light you require.

The elegant pendant lamp features a triple design, consisting of a high-quality white suspension, three height-adjustable cables, and three handcrafted cotton balls. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes and enjoy the fantastic lighting impressions.

• Handcrafted fixture made from natural materials for a great atmosphere.
• Individually adjustable cables for optimal light positioning.
• Perfect for illuminating the room with three LED bulbs.
• Ideal for a child’s room due to the colorful texture of the balls.
• Various versions available in a wide range of colors and sizes.
• Energy-saving E27 LED bulbs included, replaceable as needed.
• Easy assembly and cleaning with a dry dust cloth.